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Hi 1215 EQ

Steve1215Steve1215 Posts: 3
edited December 2020 in dbx General Discussion

I just received a DBX 1215 equalizer that I purchased on eBay. Hopefully I'll be able to return this and that will be that.
in case I have a problem and must keep it, I have found the problem. I opened it up, opened up another one that I own, and can see one of the power supplies is missing. Would I be able to purchase a power supply from you if needed?
I love the equalizer, this would have been my third one. But I am not having very good luck here. I had ordered 2 brand new from Crutchfield, they were both badly damaged.


  • This is strange because the 1215 does not run off of a power supply. It has it's own built in power transformer. Are you saying that part is missing? Of course you can contact our parts department for anything you would need to purchase [email protected]

  • yes one of the transformers was removed.

  • Gotcha! Okay just making sure, here is the part number then for reference: 26-0277

  • Yes, thanks again

  • scytechscytech Posts: 144

    Make sure when replacing the transformer that you have removed all potential short circuit in the psu section!!
    I've had to replace transformers because of shorted rectifiers.

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