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The PA2 Speaker Tuning list

Is it possible to edit the Speaker Tuning list and add your own speakers. (Maybe share with others?)
I think I saw on this forum that the current list won't be updated etc...and the product starts to be quite old...but still - it is fantastic product!

I am therefore thinking of if there was any way to be able to pre define your own speakers and get it on the pre defined list - (I know about about manually configure speakers...) But I still think it would be extremely nice to get them in the list of predefined speakers - and be able to do it.

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    EEldeEElde Posts: 1,381

    As I have stated numerous times, the only thing that is in a Speaker Tuning is a crossover curve and you are able to edit any preset with any crossover curve you would like and save it.

    As far as having a custom list of speakers you can choose from in the Wizard? That will not be possible no.

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