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DriveRack 260 setup clarification

Hello everyone. I need some clarification, being a new user of a Driverack 260.
How can a 2 (yamaha s115v) + 1 subwoofer (custom) setup benefit from compressor, ACG and AFS at the same time?
Because upon configuration, one of these becomes unavailable.
Example: if I configure "input effects 1-- compressor and input effects 2 - ACG" then the AFS function is no longer available.
Likewise if I set input effects 1 - compressor and input effects 2 - AFS then the ACG function disappears.
So it seems that I can't use all 3 functions (compressor, AFS and ACG) at the same time. Only 2 of them (whatever).
Am I not setting something right or is this normal? Thanks


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