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Newbie Question - Using DiveRack PA for Home Hifi

reticon1971reticon1971 Posts: 3
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Hi, I have just managed to get a DriveRack PA (not the PA2) and want to use it to attempt to sort out some of my listening room issues and the 40 -55hz boominess. Basically either just using the parametric EQ to dip some frequencies or the RTA to eq the room.
I am new to this kind of correction so am looking for some expereienced people to help me.

I am wanting to fit it between my line in signal (from Preamps etc) and my Rega Elex-R integrated. amp.
the Rega Specs are: 72 W per channel into 8 Ω. and the connected speakers are: Monitor Audio Silver 100s at 8 ohms.

Reading the manual online, I am confused about whar to configure the amp type as and the outputs in the Wizard Section. Do I set it at custom and wing it? There are many amps/speakers listed etc but I'm unsure what to opt for. I wont be running a sub to begin with, so will be just going to the amp. Will I need to use the High or the Medium XLR outs?

I have read a lot of the posts and guidance listed ....I am probably just a bit stupid.

As i cannot use an online GUI or app at all with this unit, can anyone shed some light on some perhaps suitable settings etc.
Any info would be really great.

Thanks in Advance



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    EEldeEElde Posts: 1,381

    Yes if your amplifier or speakers are not listed then you have to use Custom, and then manually adjust your crossover after you setup your preset. You can adjust the crossover. You do not need to use the Medium and High outs no. Only if you have more than one amplifier.

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    Cheers - I’ll give it a try this weekend

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    EEldeEElde Posts: 1,381

    Sounds good, let me know what you find

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