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dbx 376 DRIVE control for Line level Instruments


Forgive me if this is a silly question. I have a dbx 376 Tube CS in my setup. I use the 376 for Vocals and instrument recording. when I plug in a bass to the front jack and enable the LINE switch I get no reading on the DRIVE control LEDs and i have to turn the DRIVE fully on to get a signal to register in the Compressor. My assumption is that there is a valve pre-amp in the unit which negates the need to DI instruments to bring them up to Line level input, and because of this there would be no reading on the LEDS because (maybe?) the pre doesn't kick in til after the DRIVE control and that is only used for the back panel inputs? To confirm when i use the rear panel XLR Mic inputs I don't have this issue, the DRIVE control is fully active/ controllable and the LEDs respond accordingly.

Needless to say I was expecting to be able to control the DRIVE to some degree and consequently there would be a reading on the DRIVE LEDs to which I could refer when making my Compression and OUTPUT LEVEL adjustments further along the signal flow.

Apologies if my query doesn't make sense and I am totally off-piste here :-/



  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,294

    Just going over the Instrument In, I do not see anything about it affecting the LED's different but you might be right in that assumption. Unfortunately I do not have one in front of me to test as we are all out of the office still. I'll see what I can confirm and get back to you ASAP

  • SpiderSpider Posts: 4

    Really appreciate that - thanks....look forward to hearing from you.

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