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DriveRack PA+ Same Program Audio in Two Different Rooms

I want to run one amp and set of speakers for room A and another amp and set of speakers in room B. The program material is the same in each. Except that either amp, both, nor none might be on at any time. I would like to use the limiting, and EQ features of the PA+. Is this possible? If so, how please? The closest I've been able to get is a 2-way system, but the frequency range of the two DriveRack outputs is not agreeable.



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    For extra credit on the above question, it could come in handy sometime to add a third room, using the 3rd DriveRack PA+ output. Again, the program material playing would be from the same source as the other two rooms.

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    EEldeEElde Posts: 1,381

    You can run the AutoEQ for different presets and adjust the crossover curve.

    If you want to have extra outputs setup you can set it up for bi amping, that will open up for Stereo 3 Way operation

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