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How can I get better training on the DriveRack 260 Driveware?

Specifically, I want to use it to pre-program different configurations depending on venue... just 2 way mains; 2way mains w/ mono sub; 2 way mains with 2 subs, etc. Want to move around the User programs so all I have to do on site is to set auto eq & AFS for the room. I have RTA M, & RS232 - usb cable - hooks up and let’s me modify the active program: how do I move between programs? Product manual refers to online DriveWare training... I can’t find it on your site.

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  • DavidKearneyDavidKearney Posts: 2
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    Nevermind... i'm so fixated on the PC software I'd forgotten I can scroll through the programs with the wheel on the DriveRack... So simple. Thanks for a great product!


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