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AutoEQ - Strange Results?

I recently installed a new DriveRack PA2 in my home studio system. This consists of Behringer X32 Rack (Set Flat), Crown XLS 1002, and a pair of Yamaha NS-1000M Reference Monitors (1970s). The crossover pads on the 3-way speakers are set Flat. The RTA mic is a Presonus PRM1. I used the "Best" four position AutoEQ.

The room is a loft above my garage with a pitched ceiling. I am considering adding about 90 sq. ft. of acoustic panels, but wanted to see the results of the Auto EQ first. Disappointed to say the least.

The result was awful. Lows were cut about 5.4db and highs were boosted about 6db. The sound is very shrill. The rest of the EQ curve looks strange. Flat sounds better.

Harmon Tech Support asked if I had tried other mics. No other suggestions. I tried sending them pictures, but they got blocked.

I have used a Behringer DEQ2496 before - church building. More complicated to operate, but the results were good.



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