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DBX 2231 Analog or Digita?

I would like to know if someone can tell me is DBX 2231 full analog, full digital, or maybe some sort of hibrid EQ. And some oficial mesurments of how much latency dos it have with, and how much without Type III® Noise Reduction ?

Sory on my bad English.


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    EEldeEElde Posts: 1,381

    It is an Analog EQ. Latency stats I believe are in the Manual for the unit, if they are not then I do not have those stats readily available sorry


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    scytechscytech Posts: 148

    Basically, no latency at all! All analog domain communications are dealt at nearly the speed of light. As for digital, the latency is usually caused by (but not only!) the analog-digital-analog (ADA) conversions of its converters. the 2231 has no digital communications, hence no latency, as described by ITB purists. Perhaps you'll discover phase issues, these partly generated by the summation of all the gyrators of the eq sections! :smile:

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