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Gain Structure - Subs not clipping


Im currently using a Full Range Stereo Setup with Mono Subs.

  • 01V96 (+24dbu)
  • Driverack Venu360 (set +24dbu input clip)
  • Active Full Range Tops
  • Passive Subwoofers powered by Lab Gruppen FP20000

To set my gear up, I start playing Pink Noise through any channel until the Main LR clips.

Once it's clipping in the 01V output, it starts clipping in the Driverack's input and also in the tops outputs.

My main problem is about the subwoofers.

they work in a range of approx. 40-100Hz and it only starts clipping if I add some extra gain in the output (about 7-8db).

And if I add that amount of gain in its outputs, it will suddenly clip with any music I play after.

What am I missing? Could you please help me with this out?

PS: once I've done this with a Behringer X32, I could clip tops and subs with only +3db gain



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