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Adding a Sound card before DBX DriveRack PA2

A Newbie question ! I just bought a DBX DriveRack PA2 and I would like to know if I add a sound card, will I have better performance ? Between the Mixer and the DBX DriveRack PA2 to add a YAMAHA AG06 Soundcard ,so there is a better signal to DBX , or will be more noise and this is a bad idee ?


  • Is there anyone in the forum who has tried wiring them , and can answer ? Maybe what he thinks about it !

  • The chain i want to have is this : Midi controller Denon mc6000 mk2 -Sound card Yamaha AG06 -DBX DriveRack PA2 -Powered Speakers RCF Art 712 MK4 ! The reason i am making the question is that the microphone on the midi controller is not able to be recorded from serato software !

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