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dbx 641m network problem

I have installed 4 units of DBX ZonePro 641m in a client and I have a problem.

I control them from another device in the same network via TCP/IP.

The installation is "simple". In each of the four racks I have a router to create a private LAN (in 192.168.0.x range), and in this LAN I have the 641m, a Raspberry Pi running Debian and some other devices that I control via TCP from the Pi, all of them with static IP.

The four routers are connected to the client's LAN in 192.168.20.x range, and we have open ports via NAT forwarding to every component, 641m included (we have used the 3804 port). Besides, we have a PC running Windows 10 on the client's LAN, so we have access to every component, except 641m because ZonePro Designer does not find them.

When I am connected locally to the 641m via ZonePro Designer 3.2 running on a PC on the same LAN, sometimes, and in a random way, I get a message that sais that the DBX ZonePro has been disconnected (and does not respond to ping) and I must to recycle power to connect again (I have not found another way to reconnect, even disconnecting Ehternet cable and connecting again the Zonepro does not connect). Of course, raspberry loose control too. It's a big problem because the 641m don't have a power switch, so it's needed to open the rack and unplug power. And the installation is 400 km from my office.

Do you know why this occurs? It's random (it can be connected several days without a problem and can disconnect two times in an hour, so I don't know what to do). Is there any way that I could reconnect without having to recycle power? How can I access 641 from ZonePro from the mother LAN? I have forwarded the port 3804 but ZonePro does not find any product.


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    HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,366

    unfortunately the ZonePro network module is very primitive and is prone to timeouts. We did have info to get a third party controller to send "keep alive" messages but there is no way to do that on regular network traffic.

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