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PA2 Control Software features, or lack thereof

Hi, I've been using the DriveRack PA2 since 2015 but there is multiple small things that are starting to really grind my gears.

  1. Making smaller changes on AutoEQ -window is difficult or impossible due to the big colored EQ markers that are covering the EQ -curve.

  2. After taking measurements with AutoEQ and manually fine tuning the curve, I want to add (transfer) the adjustments to a given channel to make proper EQ-settings (autoEQ + 8PEQ). But to do this, I have to manually write all the values down from the AutoEQ window and then proceed to adjust all of the sliders in 8PEQ with a mouse. This takes lot of time and there should at least be an option to directly type in the values. Better yet if there would be a "save/transfer to PEQ", it would make EQ'ing a breeze.

  3. No possibility to engage GEQ while taking AutoEQ measurements. It would be very beneficial in the case of having a bad curve that has peaks/dips at the frequencies that match the GEQ bands.

  4. No frequencies or +- dB are shown in the GEQ graph.

  5. If AutoEQ curve could be shown in the PEQ -section, it would also greatly help.

  6. No keyboard support. As said in pointer 2, typing in values would make this thing so much more professional.

  7. Taking measurements in mono seems to be impossible.

I just wish this apparatus would still get some updates. I understand that the device is designed to be easy to use, but using the software professionally is "impossible" and time consuming. Cheers.


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    HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,376

    Thanks for your suggestions. I have passed them on to our product dev and marketing. This does not guarantee an update or implementation just to set the right expectation

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