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Using EV ZLX speakers with driverackpa2

I recently just upgraded to all powered speakers. I have 2x ev zlx 12s, 2x ev zlx 15s and 2x harbinger 18 subs. I always wanted the driverack pa2. I read the online manual and watched the set up videos but I'm still unclear on a few points.

If I run my 2 15s and 2 subs as FOH, (using the wizards) which output do I connect the 15's, high or mid?

Can I also use my 12s in the high, 15s in the mid and subs in the low to get a 3 way set up?


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    Essentially the DriveRack PA2 is a 3 Way Crossover (w/ additional features) with Full Range outputs (low, mid, high is just labeling etc) you can adjust the crossover range however you want on each paired outputs.

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