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Configuracion DBX PA+

Quería saber cuál es la configuración de cruce recomendada para un dbx PA+. Con un par de YAMAHA CLUB S115 IV con un amplificador QSC 700 Mx y un par de EV FORCE i Sub 118S con un amplificador CREST AUDIO CPX 2600.


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    No entiendo muy bien el tema, pero con instrucciones puedo dar mejor y buen manejo al driverack, si recibo información para configuración apropiada de EQ, LIMITADORES, COMPRESOR, agradeceria mucho. No cuento con micrófono Rta.

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    HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,381

    Your crossover points depend on what you are doing with your equipment. If you have a pair of subs and two pairs of mains you will want to load a Stereo 3 Way preset or use the Wizard and setup Bi Amp Mains and then Stereo subs. After you have set that up you can go into the crossover menu and open up the mid outputs 100Hz to Out, and your High outputs 100Hz to Out, leave the subs at 35Hz to 100Hz

    As far as the EQ, Limiter and Compressor, I have no recommended settings. In the case of the limiter you would use the clip rating of your amps/speakers to provide a -10-14dB cushion.

    I would recommend reading the manual further for more detailed usage help. Here it is in Spanish


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    Gracias HARMAN EEI por tu ayuda en este tema, olvide decir que la configuración del sistema la tengo pensada a dos vias
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    HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,381

    You're welcome!

    Stereo 2 Way, same principal applies, find the appropriate factory preset or run through the Wizard and avoid the Bi Amp selection, just setup your main speakers and subs etc

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