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DriveRack PA+ No Output to Mids

steve2ksteve2k Posts: 2
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First I'd like to preface this by saying that I don't really know much about the system. I'm an amature DJ and I've only used it a few times at this venue, and it never had any issues. The system is connected to 4 ElectroVoice ZLX 12P speakers (all of which are active speakers), one ELX 115P (also active), a Crown XTI 4000 amp for the singular JBL MRX 518S passive sub. The handful times I've used the system, all of those speakers were connected to the back of the PA+ and were working accordingly. The owners of the venue loaned it out to a group, and they pretty much scrambled all of the connections on the back and changed the preset on the PA+ so now only the left-high channel sends output, the rest are all quiet. The mid outputs don't send a signal whatsoever, the low outputs send signals, but the subwoofer doesn't work or at least is not producing any sounds.

I've switched through all of the available presets, and still no changes to the ouputs.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do in the setup wizard? The PA+ doesn't have ElectroVoice ELX or ZLX speakers to configure in the wizard, only the Elim i, so I don't know how to reconfigure the active speakers appropriately. The JBL sub and Crown amps are configurable, but again, no sound is coming through. I'm completely at a loss.

Please, any guidance is most sincerely appreciated as I'm wading through rough waters at this point. I'm doing this as a favor to the owner who I know pretty closely.



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    steve2ksteve2k Posts: 2

    Update, I got the powered speakers to work, there's a preset I glossed over for full range, and when I plugged in my speakers the ones that I believe aren't blown are now working properly. The only thing not working that is plugged in is the subwoofer. I have a speakon cable running from the JBL MRX518S to the Crown XTI 4000 amp on channel 1, then an XLR from the PA+ to the input on the back of the amp as well. The PA+ shows that theres a signal going out but theres nothing coming from the sub. Not sure what to do.

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