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How to mute Driverack 260 with ZC-4?

gustaudiogustaudio Posts: 3
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Hello everybody, :)

I have a client who has an audio system with 3 Driverack 260 and he needs that the audio system muted when the fire Alarm is active.

Would please anybody tell me if/how I can do this with a Driverack 260?

I had use the driverack 260 for mobile music systems before, but never for this kind of applications (mute a system from a FA signal).

I have been searching info in dbx website and now I know that dbx have ZC-4 and ZC-Fire modules, but it looks that they works with the Zonepro 640M, but I didn't find any application like this with the Driverack 260.

Your help will be really appreciated,

Thanks in advance and have a great day,



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    EEldeEElde Posts: 1,381

    I received your email from Tech Support and replied to this -

    You can set the ZC4 to recall presets on a ZC4, one of the presets can be your fire scenario and the other can be your regular operation. Then you would just wire the ZC4 for the correct binary so when the relay goes open or closed it can switch between the two presets

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    Hello thank you for your response,
    Yes, we did that but the ZC-4 is not working (switching). I think you and I have been talking via email.

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