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Consumer line level output straight into Dbx Driverack 260?

Looking at buying a Driverack 260 but have a question.....

My only input device will be a Pioneer DDj400 dj controller that has -10 dBV / 0.316 volts / -7.79 dBu outputs.
I'd like to connect this straight into the 260 which I understand has three methods of gain adjustment which can be used to bring up the "low" -10 dBV output to something nearer the "ideal" at +4dBu / 1.23 volts. Those three would be the internal electronic gain in the input mixer and physical jumpers available on both the input and outputs of the 260. I note that the jumpers are +14, +22 and +30 dBu with the default setting from the factory at +22 dBu.
My question is will those methods of gain adjustment allow me to connect these two devices connected and have everything perform well in the absence of a mixer or a line level booster box?
The 260 will pass out signals to two Crown XLS1002 amps (which have 0.775v or 1.44v input sensitivity switch) one of which is bridged to power two subs the 2 channels on the other amp will handle mids and tweeters on separate channels.

Hopefully I've explained myself clearly! Thanks in advance for your answers!


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    EEldeEElde Posts: 1,381

    You can adjust the clip level amount if needed but I doubt you would need to do so with a standard mixer

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    Since I only ever use one source I don't have a mixer of any kind. I've no use for one. I get that a mixer would raise the consumer level output of the dj controller up to +4dBu but I wondered if I can just do that inside the DR260 instead.

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    EEldeEElde Posts: 1,381

    You will not need to raise the internal clip level jumpers for consumer level audio no.

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    Ok thanks for your help.

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