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FAQ - Speaker Tunings - DriveRack PA2, Venu360 - Why aren't mine listed?

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We receive numerous inquiries about the Speaker Tunings in the Wizard Setup for the DriveRack PA2 and Venu360

Here is a bit of background info - all the information the speaker tunings have is the crossover frequency information of those speakers (and sometimes EQ Curve which is rendered moot if using the Auto EQ) – while a little bit convenient - speaker tunings are not required at all to run the DriveRack PA2 and Venu360 products for your PA system etc.

To see if you have all of the latest tunings - the application control app for the DriveRack PA2 and Venu360 has a Manage Tunings option in the Wizard has an option to update from the cloud - however, if the particular models are not listed still at that point – you can select a Not Listed option in the setup Wizard and then just set the High Pass and Low Pass frequencies according to the speaker frequency responses in the DriveRack’s crossover section. By default selecting Not Listed will set a Crossover point for the Mains at 100Hz to Out Full Range (20kHz) and if using subs Not Listed will set a default range of 35Hz to 100Hz.

Why are the latest JBL or other manufacturer speakers NOT listed during the Wizard setup?
We have made a limited number of models available but we're not actively curating every model released and never planned to - what's on there is pretty much what is on there as of now

Can I add my speakers manually into the selections for the Speaker Tunings in the DriveRack PA2/Venu360?
No, we do not have the ability to add your speaker models

Will there be firmware updates that add more speaker models?
No plans as of now to release a firmware update or add more speaker models

If you have further questions, please contact tech support
844-776-4899 opt 3

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