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no firmware found

Good afternoon, following the steps to update my pa2 but I don't have the PA2ManufacturingUpdater.exe available where I can download it.
thanks in advance for your help


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    EEldeEElde Posts: 1,381
    edited March 2023

    We have it pinned in all of the forum categories at the top but here it is as well


    The .zip that contains the files for the updater is listed on the right under Downloads - PA2ManufacturingUpdater.zip

    Extract all of the files into the same directory.

     1. You probably will need to erase the existing Firmware first.
     2. Hold "RECALL" & "SUB" then apply power. Keep holding during countdown until erased.
     3. Unit should display "No Firmware" during power up now and should automatically be in USB mode since no firmware is found.
     4. Connect PA2 to PC USB. Driver "PA2.inf" may be needed for PC.
     5. Run "PA2ManufacturingUpdater.exe"
     6. Connect to "PA2 USB Device" by clicking arrow by "Serial Port" box & click "Connect"
     7. Navigate to firmware file "PA2image" by clicking "Browse" button.
     8. Click "Update" to load firmware.
     9. Unit will reboot and load firmware
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