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Driverack PA2 Setup for outdoor football venue.

Needing help to run DBX Driverack PA2 on an outdoorfootball field. Using 4 JBL AWC129's ( 1 stacked on the other "line array" on each corner of the press box. The top speaker is set for high and the bottom is set to midrange. Also added 2-JBL AWC 82 in the middle also set to high frequency. Running 3 Crown XLI 1500i amplifiers and 2- JBL 18" POWERED subs. Running through a Yamaha mixer. I can set the auto EQ With the RTA mic but once completed, the finished sound is terrible. Where have I gone wrong? Any advice on how to get this audio system sounding spectacular? The equipment is there, the quality unfortunately is not. Any and all suggestions/advice greatly appreciated!
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