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DBX - missing a market opportunity!!!

The Venue360 and PA range are great kit and do a great job but the range is seriously missing major market segments.
There is a lot of home theatre entertainment systems which now employ minidsp and other DSP devices for multisub and active crossovers. These systems typically employ REW for measuring and generating filters.
Various format can be configured in REW for exporting to a wide variety of equipment.
One of the advantages of minidsp devices is their ability to import these filters.
In contrast I have to input filters into a Venue360 or PA style device manually!!!
It takes an hour - if I do it correctly!!
What a pain !!
Don't get me wrong I love the dbx gear - but I re-calibrate a large home theatre many times.
The Venue360 is far superior to the minidsp in terms of overall flexibility but not in this filter setup feature.

For example : I can add sub sonics and over 20 output filters per channel plus input filters on the Venue360 . The minidsp is limited to I think 10 output filters.

Also - the minidsp gear measure really well ( see asr reviews)

Again dbx is missing an opportunity here:

With the relatively easy addition of a better power supply ( external is ideal but not essential) and the opportunity to introduce high- end op amps ( or better- op amp sockets so they could be rolled if desired) - these devices could be transformed !!!
So this proposed dbx "high end" line would be an ideal crossover device ( pun intended) from studio/pro balanced gear into home and home theatre balanced gear setups.

I'm not suggesting things not already done - the Beringer 2496DCX has a number of mods available and Teddy Pado has an external PS for the Venue360.

In the meantime, I just wish DBX would consider some simple import options into the Venue and PA operating systems.

I would throw you guys a party if you could just give me a filter import option on the Venue360.
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