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Can two DR PA2 be connected to the network at the same time

I'm using two DR PA2 units with two sources. One source uses the first PA2 for two channel speaker management. The second PA2 uses a second source which manages combined speaker output with bass management and using the PA2 in mono mode for stereo subwoofers. Can the two PA2's be connected to the network at the same time and be accessed separately? Or do I have to continue to connect one PA2 at a time to adjust and manage each one separately on the network ?


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    DennisLJacobDennisLJacob Posts: 2

    I answered my own question with trial and error. Yes you can have more than one DR PA2 hooked up to the same network at the same time. Love the system.

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    HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,369

    Yeah they should get two different addresses assigned by the DHCP router. Glad you got it figured out

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