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DBX VENU360 problem.

Hi, I have a problem with DBX Venu360 purchased in April 2024 from Thomann, serial number 12002995057.
I only did some pre-production tests and a few days ago it stopped working correctly, the noise of the click relay switch can no longer be heard when I switch from analog to aes-ebu and vice versa and no more audio passes to the outputs.
Outputs clearly NOT on mute.
With aes-ebu correctly connected with xlr cables in order 110ohm from MIDAS DL32 or BEHRINGER WING or CRANE SONG HEDD (3 aes ebu devices) the Wordclock no longer synchronizes...
The network connection works correctly, however, with Apps on iPad and MacBookPro.
I think the machine has a hardware defect.
How to proceed?

Thank you
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