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Did I receive a fake/knockoff Driverack PA2?

I bought this used/mint from Reverb and not new. I have other dbx equipment and when I went to rack this is it just seemed a little off to me on the finish from my other dbx gear. The red flags to me are the finish, the model/serial number tag that says Made in USA, and some label differences on the back. The seller seems to have a never ending supply but lists just one at a time. I also noticed the inside looks exactly like the ones available on those Chinese reseller pages. I don't own another one but I compared with reputable resellers sites. Here are some pics, not here to waste anyone's time but figured someone here would know pretty quick if its not the real deal. Not fair to the manufacture of the real product.


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    Let me point out some facts. PA2 were made in China. Utah Manu was for the pricest of BSS and DBX products. Since samsung acquisition of BSS products are made in Malaysia. $4500 blu products which use to be made in Utah and only.cost 3500$ . BSS home state under Harman was Utah (originally a British company) My blu160 was indeed made in Utah 2014. My pa2 was Chinese a 2015 purchase from guitar center.... since the samsung acquisition there is a seller selling knockoffs minus the dbx logo. Are they coming off the same.line I do not know but pa2 was a value product , unless some very early production proofs were made in Utah....

    I have reported fraudulent Chinese sellers. Ebay says they see no fraud. The ads use dbx name and authorized retailers in titles but products come from China and are.missing dbx logos... pretty clear to be knock offs....
    Here is a 2014 or 2015 build. The pa2 came out at the end of 2014. I bought mine summer 2015.
    Can't upload Pic. Yours is missing stickers on the board.
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    DBX has really stagnated under samsung. And took how many years for new bss products.????
    Dbx use to have professional gear 4800 series come to mind, not so much anymore ???
    Love em both btw
    DBX and BSS
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