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1066 Compressor/Limiter/Gate

funk49funk49 Posts: 3
edited March 2006 in 4800 Configuration Wizard
:? Hello to all. I have MANY questions. I am a newby not only here, but also to this whole sound system thing. I'm an old dog trying to learn new tricks.
I guess the best way to start is to tell you what I have and then try to explain what I'm trying to do.
I'm a drummer, so use small words. lol When I mike up my drums I use a sub mixer,(which I don't know much about either) a Eurorack mxb1002. I use 6 mic's, only for the drums. I'm using Audix d-2's for the 4 toms, a D-6 for the bass, and a Shure beta 57A for the snare. Right now I feed this mix as stereo out from the mixer to a DBX1066 Then off to our power mixer. We do our mixing from the stage.
I know that you are probably CRINGING about now so I will wait till you stop laughing.
O.K. Enough laughing already
HELP! I am trying to stop the excess ringing from the toms, and I don't have a clue as to how to use the gate, limiter, compressor. I want the gate to only open briefly so that the extended ringing of the drum won't get sent to the PA. Is this the right thinking or tool? I want the gate to open at the slightest touch of the drum but then close fairly quickly. Is this possible? If so, how should I make the settings? What ballpark should I make the settings?
I have attempted to read the manual, but it uses BIG WORDS.
In drummer language can you tell me what the knobs and buttons and lights do? They do look cool, by the way! All those knobs, and buttons, and lights! I know I'm asking a lot, but any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


  • mikejoeydbxmikejoeydbx Posts: 134

    You're not going to be able to make the gates as sensitive as you need them to be, because you are sending the whole kit through the 1066. In order to get rid of the ring in the toms, it would be best to use a gate on each individual tom. If you want the gates to be very accurate (sensitive) you could place triggers on the heads and connect these to the key inputs of the gate. There are ways of making these triggers (using a piezo element) and it is dirt cheap. You may be able to get away with using the 1066 on a submix containing only the toms, but then you would lose the compression and limiting capabilities on the kick and snare. Another thing to try would be to use duct tape, a towel or some type of damping on the heads.

    As for the compressor and limiter section, I would suggest reading the Compression 101 document at the below link (it's under the White Paper's drop down list).

  • funk49funk49 Posts: 3
    Thank you Mikejoeydbx for your reply. I think I will add more damping to the toms and use the comp.for snare and base for now. Later I may upgrade. Thanks again. :)
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