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input output leds

stevegt93stevegt93 Posts: 3
edited May 2013 in PA Front Panel
We are currently using the \"Rock Venue\" preset. We are getting a great sound, but I'm noticing that no matter how loud we turn up on the board the I/O leds on the driverack are never going above the bottom light. How do you adjust the I/O levels or is something possibly not hooked up right.

We are running with 2 behringer 2500s. One is powering EV eliminator mains and the other is powering EV eliminator 18\" subs. We have not utilized the wizard yet because we don't have the rta mic yet.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    First of all, the wizard is for much more than the RTA/Auto EQ. Its for system setup, and AFS also.

    What are the LED's at the top of the LED VU maters doing? (yellow?..Red?.. off?)
    Are you using the limiter, or compressor?
    Did you do a gain structure... with everything off as per the back of the manual?

    These and many more questionss affect my answers
  • \"What are the LED's at the top of the LED VU maters doing? (yellow?..Red?.. off?)\"

    They are off. Only the 1st light at the bottom of each meter on the dbx lights up. As for your other questions I will need to go back and do some homework.

    While I got your attention, what is the comparable amp model for a behringer 2500 and do you have any recommended settings when setting up this amp in in the wizard.

    I appreciate your help.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Once you do a gain structure, any value I tell you will probably be wrong... so set your gain structure up properly and let the amp levels fall where theey may. This will also act to get your input and output meters in the proper range.

    The DRPA has no input mixer so wherever the signal ends up when the mixer is @ clip will have to be where you end up, use the Xover gasin controls to set the output meters.

    The 260 however has input and output mixers as well as xover gain for setting the system up.
  • I thought the documentation indicates that the right-side meters are gain reduction / threshold indicators.

    When do they function as output meters?

    Is there a softswitch?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I just went into the manual to see if I could find what you were refering to and it quite specifically states that the DRPA provides 6 independant light pipe output meters with 6 segments each...that range from -30 to +20 db...

    Further, the threshold metersindicate that the threshold has been exceeded within the comp/limiters.... etc..

    I know there are some meter options in the 260 utility section, but don't have my DRPA redily accessable to check if the DRPA has any..
  • Yep. I'm thinking the DRPA meters only serve as comp threshold (or limiter threshold).

    They would be far more useful as an output level to me.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Maybe I wasn't clear... they ARE output meters.... the multi colored LEDs on the top of the OUTPUT LEVEL METERS are the ones they are speaking about when they speak of the comp limiter meters..
  • Yes, thank you.

    I'm reviewing the manual and had misinterpreted.

    On the DRPA, it doesn't appear that the thresh meter led is multi-colored, but the lightpipe meters are output which is super.

    I'm getting accustomed to the unit and had a show last Sat night were the output meters could have been used to gain match the input using compressor gain.


  • symbiosymbio Posts: 3
    I know this is a very old post but I am having a similar problem with my Driverack PA. I bought it used and everything seems to be in working order, used a couple times for some small shows. The issue I am having is that Input LEDs (left/right) as well as the Output LEDs (low/mid/high) are only lighting up on the -30db indicator. When i turn my mixer level down and then bring it up a bit they start to flicker at -30 db when i increase input gain, the -30 gets stronger and eventually just stays lit but none of the other lights light up.

    This seems like a limiter or something is keeping the input level and output levels from going over the 0 marker.... But I have checked all my settings and Limiter/Compressor is OFF as is any EQ or other processing.

    I have toggled the +4/-10 switch in the back which although changes the loudness does not affect the LEDs at all. I have checked the manual and FAQ and this does not seem like its normal.

    Do you think that maybe i got a defective unit or there is something causing the limiter to function even when its supposed to be OFF?

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Ok, now that the internet is back to working again...

    What mixer are you using? have you done a gain structure?

    If so what was the output level of your mixer?

  • symbiosymbio Posts: 3
    Hi There, thanks for the response. I am using an Allen/Heath Xone:62 DJ mixer. And I did a basic gain structure, based on the driverack PA docs. The Mixer is set at Unity 0dbs. Even when i push the gain to +6 db the input meters on my driverack still only show -30 dbs lit. When I back off the gain on the mixer below 0db, the -30db starts to flicker a bit but never do any of the lights go beyond -30dbs. Doesnt seem right to me. any advice would be appreciated!
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    The previous owner may have changed the jumpers.

  • symbiosymbio Posts: 3
    thanks for the input. im going to take it into a service center here and have it looked at i guess. it definitely doesnt seem like a configuration problem then. Are there jumpers that would cause it to limit the input ?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Sounds like it may just be a meter section issue... and god knows there were a few of those on the DRPA...
  • Raoul23Raoul23 Posts: 6
    Hi guys my LED's on the drive rack PA only go in to the 0 on the Low and High never above. Are they supposed to go higher im using the DAP PRO Sound mate 3 PA which i know isnt the best in the world. Ive not got the limiter or compressor on and the desk im feeding it to from is an Allen and Heath Mix wizard 16:2 im really trying to get the most out of my Drive Rack so im searching here for help and clues as at the moment we are really lacking bottom end!!

    Gadget has help me in a previous post i did with setting up the crossovers which im going to be doing this weekend.

    any help here would really be appreciated :)
  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Do you have a DRPA or a DRPA+?
    DRPA LEDs = dbu (actual input level) goes to +20
    DRPA+ LEDs = Headroom left, -0- is the highest LED

    If you gave the original PA, you may have an issue. Are you the original owner, and did switch the jumpers (inside the case)? Is should be set to +4 (factory setting).
    If you you own the newer PA+, you don't want to hit -0-. Occasionally bumping the -3- is the highest you want to go.


    PS - I also replied to your other, if you haven't checked back.
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