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Dangerous power spikes

ReesusReesus Posts: 7
edited September 2006 in PA General Discussion

Just purchased the PA model and haven't hooked it up yet.

Our band is using a Mackie board, 2 QSC amp (1 for mains, the other for monitors)

Have since read some reviews on Musicians Friend website. Most of them are glowing however there are a few horror stories detailing blown speakers and fried amps due to power surges, both when powering down or when there is an interuption in power.

Can anyone recommend something to prevent this? Would a Furman Power Conditioner help? Is there a certain power up/down sequnece that should be adhered to?

Any help would be appareciated. My band mates lovc me but not enough to have all our gear cooked.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    the only foolproof way is to bypass the power switch(so noone can inadvertantly shut it off) and add a UPS, NOT a power conditioner.. although a ups with power conditioning is a bonus. The thing is, the UPS (uninteruptable power supply) will keep the DRPA running when everything else goes down.. doesn't have to be much of a unit... $30-40 at new egg.com, or best buy...

    The sequence is:
    amps always on last
    and off first
    Its that simple...
  • I have actually had the power cut two different times...once from a power outage, the other from a drunk that unplugged everything. Both times I did get the loud pops. No damage whatsoever to the speaks.

    Gadget is spot on as always.

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