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HELP......cant figure drpa out at all!

jimmyrockjimmyrock Posts: 2
edited September 2006 in PA Configuration Wizard
ok, heres my set-up
qsc 3602 (low end)
qsc 1804 (mids)
behringer 2500 (highs)
2 cerwin vega el36b subs
2 peavey sp2 bi amp for mids and highs
bbe 882
behringer eurorack 1622fx mixer

i have tried and TRIED to figure this out, i have done 3 free dj jobs just so i can keep trying to do this in a large room
maybe im an idiot, but PLEASE GOD, SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

the sound does not sound loud at all, before when i just had an old set up with nowhere near the power and using cheap peavey dj speakers, it sounded far better and louder
i also cant figure out how to work the eq....was told the drpa had an eq....cant figure it out


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915

    the short of it...
    BW [email protected] 45 hz HPF
    LR [email protected] 120hz HPF
    LR [email protected] 120HZ HPF
    LR [email protected] 2khz LPF
    LR [email protected] 2KHZ

    You don't have enough delay for those subs so just see, by varying the delay, if there is point where they sound better, (BTWdelay the tops and horns NOT the subs...

    Next do a gain structure as par the back of the manual

    then using the amp controls, turn down whichever the loudest of the components are till there is a good ballance between lows, mids and highs...

    EQ to taste

    save the config to a convennient location for later recall

    let me know...
  • And, I recommend removing the BBE out of the system. More hassle than it's worth, and too much negative coloration.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Geez thanks Coop! In my haste I missed that completely! Yes, get that BBE the heck out of there!

    As I look at the list.. why are you using the 1802 an amp that only has 330 watts per speaker for the mids, when you have an amp, the BEH 2500, that gives 750? If you are using the onboard amp limiters you are also decreasing the available power...

    also do NOT use the compressor! todays pre-recorded music is already super heavily compressed.

    Try that
  • Gadget wrote:
    Geez thanks Coop! In my haste I missed that completely! Yes, get that BBE the heck out of there!
    I am in your corner when it comes to the BBE. ;)

    I even turned it off on my Panny HD plasma!

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