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Monitor mix???

ReesusReesus Posts: 7
edited September 2006 in PA General Discussion


I havne't hooked up the PA yet and was wondering:

The band has two QSC power amps. One for the JBL mains, the other for the Yamaha monitors. We also have a powered JBL sub.

Anyway, I was wondering if we could use two of the available outputs on the Drive Rack PA to EQ the monitors???

I'm a newbie to this so bare with me........... We are currently using a separate EQ in the rack for this purpose, but if the DBX PA can handle the chore, well why not?



  • No, sorry. The DRPA EQ functions on all outputs simultaneously. You can't specify a specific set of outputs.

    I believe the DR 260 can do that however.

  • I understand they run simultaneously, but does that mean you still can't EQ the monitor amp (just like it was an amp used for another pair of mid or hi mains)?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    If you used the Hi outputs of the DRPA you would have a three band PEQ to use...

    I don't have my DRPA handy, but I believe if yoy select dual mono you might have separate control of the GEQ as well..

    use the xover control to set up a bandpass for the monitor feed..

    page 39 has a block diagram that shows what functions are tied together.

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