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SR 4719 and SR 4732

rockitboyrockitboy Posts: 10
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First post to this user group. I recently purchased a DriveRack PA and have a couple of questions. I'm using a Crown MA 2400 to drive the 12's in my SR 4732's and a Crown MA 3600 to drive the 18's in my SR 4719's.
When I set up the the Driverack initially, I told it what amps I had and what speakers. ( My high amp was \"custom\" ). Is that all I have to do ? ( assuming that I don't want to tweak the settings to taste afterwards ). I noticed when I was answering questions, the only choices for amps were an MA 2402 and an MA 3600VZ. The speaker choices were the \"SRX\" series. I bought these in about 1991, and at that time they were just called \"SR\" series. ( carpet covered ). Am I correct in assuming that the settings would be the same as the \"SRX\" series ? I looked at the speaker tunings on \"jblpro.com\". Are these the settings I need to make on the Driverack or are these already made for me when I told it what amps and speakers I was using ? Thanx for your help.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    not the same... go th JBL.com pro audio. speakers.. tunings the info is there
    Not much time now will check back later
  • I went to JBL.com/professional/tunings, but the only speakers I find are the \"SRX\" series and the \"SR 4732 A\" series. Am I missing something ?

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I found this...
    with all the settings.. is that not what you wanted?
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