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Polarity Question

rockitboyrockitboy Posts: 10
edited October 2006 in PA General Discussion
I have a question on polarity as it applies to wiring up my XLR connectors from the Driverack to my amps. I have a 15 year old Seck board and the manual says that pin 2 is \"-\", pin 3 is \"+\" and pin 1 is ground. I am running a Carver PM 900 for the highs and it is wired the same. However, my Crown MA 2400 for mids and MA 3600 for subs are wired with pin 3 as \"-\", pin 2 as \"+\" and pin 1 as ground. My question is that I can find nothing that shows how the Driverack is wired. I assume that it's the same as my Crown amps. Is that assumption correct ?

Thank you, Don Ullstrom


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    MOST modern equipment is standardized to\"pin 2 plus signal\" and \"pin 3 minus signal\" with pin 1 as shield. This is the case with the driverack.

    The fact that the mixer is reversed has no bearing on this as long as both cables are wired the same. Regular mic cables are fine for your system there should be no need to modify anything.
  • Thank you sir.
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