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ZP1260 causing distortion

izonlineizonline Posts: 3
hey guys, i just installed a new ZP1260 and am getting distortion on my speakers when i turn up the gain. ANy suggestion on how to solve this, my equipment list is below.

Numark 5ch mixer- used to control the input coming from a pc
DBX ZP1260 - accepting the input from the mixer for processing
Crown XLS 602 amp with 4 Klipsch AW650 on each channel
Crown XLS 602 amp in bridge mode to drive 2 yorkville YX18S subs
Crown CDI 2000 with 5 Klipsch CA525T on one channel

The main problem is that if i run the PC input direct to the amps, i won't get distortion, just loud music. But when connected to the mixer and then to the DBX and i turn up the gain on the mixer, the sound does not get loud enough, and if it is loud it becomes distorted. What seems to be the problem and how can i solve this. Presets would be nice. I am using source 1 on the DBX and ch1 on the mixer to drive the input.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    There are so many possibilities...and so many questions...

    Do ALL speakers clip simultaneously, of some before others, or some not at all?
    Are the comps, limiters or AGC on?
    Is the input peak light on (it's on the back of the unit)
    What is the condition of the output meters on the front panel when the distortion is present?
    Have you hooked up the GUI interface?
    What is the input master set at?
    What do the input and output meters on the GUI indicate when distortion hits?
    Are you using ZC controllers?
    Are you running Cat 5 to the various amps or......?
    What do the threshold meters show?
    How about the router mixer What is the hierarchy?
    What about the bandpass?filter level? what is it set at for each output?

    As I said... so many possibilities

  • Actually it only happens with the speakers connected to the Crown XLS 602 Amp. Any suggestions on why i am getting this problem? And what can i try to solve it (other than replacing the amp)?
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