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Software Issue

DennisDennis Posts: 801
So, I am having a software issue with my DR260. I am using current 260 firmware and current Driveware. When I want to copy the Parameters of one output to the next...lets say delay... I right click on the delay \"field\" of the output that I have just entered a delay setting into and a dialogue box appears. I left click on \"copy\" and then right click on the delay field of the next output. A dialogue appears with the options of \"copy\" and \"paste\". While \"copy\" is in black letters and accessible, \"paste\" is in gray letters and is not accessible. This happens most times I try to paste a parameter but not every time.I end up having to enter the parameter manually and usually swearing out loud, attracting the attention of anyone within hearing range. Any thoughts? I am totally open to this being OE because that is the easiest thing to fix.



  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I'm not sure why...but ...
    1. Enter the \"config\" mode
    2. Right click on the D and the dropdown menu will appear... the default is 20ms, you can re-allocate/distribute the delay at this point... but if 20 ms is sufficient, click on the 20 ms...do the same for any and all outputs you wish to copy and paste to...
    3. Click the \"config mode again... and answer 'yes' to change the configuration..
    4. Open the first module you want to change the delay on and turn the module on and set the desired delay...click 'OK'
    5. Right click on the modules you wish to duplicate and now the 'paste' option will be made available...

    I guess you need to select a parameter in \"config' in order to make it available in the normal ops mode?
    Not sure why they don't make this stuff available... it's so \"obvious\"


    well...there you have it...
    be well my friend...
  • DennisDennis Posts: 801
    Thank you much, Gadget. I will report back.


    PS Don't even think of changing your avatar!
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