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Mixer capability added to ZP640/641?

I see on the Zone Configuration page of the ZP641 Wizard (Designer version that there are now buttons to select a \"Mix\" option. However, they are greyed out. As I am in the process of designing a system and am evaluating the applicability of a 641 to this particular installation, I do not actually have a 641 hooked up. If I was \"handshaking\" with a new 641, would the \"Mix\" option be available, or is this still in the someday/maybe category?


  • Hi Thomas,

    Unfortunately, the mix option is not available in the 640/641. You can however use the page and priority duckers in the Routers as a \"3 channel pseudo mixer\". You will need to set the threshold sliders all the way to the left and the depth all the way to the right in the duckers. There are certain limitations. Specifically, you can only select one of the first two (euroblock) inputs in the page ducker.

    Hope this helps.
  • the 641m allows this feature
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