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strange Zc-1 behavior

drplywooddrplywood Posts: 3
edited November 2011 in 640/641 Zone Controllers
I am sorting out a system that has a ZonePro 640 as part of it.
I have updated the firmware to the most current version and have tried all the available versions of zonepro designer but am still having an odd issue that I'm hoping you guys could help shed light on.

The 640 is in a really simple design.
It is controlling the audio for a bar.
(1)ZC3 to do source selection and (4) ZC1s to do zone volume control.

What is extremely strange is that if the ZC1 controllers are chained together only the first ZC1 will work.
I have tried moving all the contollers around.
changing dip switch selection.
chaining them after the ZC3 and on their own(ports 7-10)
It is always the same result.
whichever controller is first in line works great but the rest do not at all.
I have altered assignments in the software,etc but the problem remains exactly the same no matter what the software routing is.
First in line works no matter what zone it is matched to, all others after it do not.

I have gone through all my wiring to make sure that everything is 568-a and it is.

Any ideas.
This is making me crazy.


  • Please check the following:
    The Zone Controller Cable Specs call for CAT5/ 4-Twisted Pairs of 24 AWG wire/568B Standard

    The dip switch setting on the Zone Controller will correspond with each wire inside the Cat 5.
    CAT5 Pin Out
    1 white/Orange 1 Voltage Reference
    2 Orange 2 ID# 1 or 7
    3 White/Green 3 ID# 2 or 8
    4 BLUE 4 ID# 3 or 9
    5 White/Blue 5 ID# 4 or 10
    6 Green 6 ID# 5 or 11
    7 White/Brown 7 ID# 6 or 12
    8 BROWN 8 Ground


    Jason Mondragon
    dbx Tech Support
  • Hey Jason,
    Thanks for your response.
    I will rewire using the 568b standard and report back.
    Why is it that the first controller in the chain works with the 568a?
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