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regarding limiter threshold

frank4dfrank4d Posts: 17
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Thanks Gadget. Actually, I'm just running a classic tri-amp system with a stereo input from FOH to the Driverack. The output consists of stereo Hi and Mid with the 5th Driverack output as a mono sub. My question is specifically confined to the relationship between the output level in the 260 crossover and the limiter in line with the sub channel (channel 5) output. I am seeing the over-easy light already starting to engage and am concerned because the threshold is way up to 13dbu. Is the curve for the over-easy function so wide that it starts to engage at 13dbu (based upon a -6.9 crossover output level)? I'm not experiencing any problems in sound quality, I just don't understand how the limiter can already be engaging at such a high threshold.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    So do I assume here that your looking to "protect" your speakers with the limiters? I want to caution you here that the limiters are nOT a good way to protect speakers...While the 260 "brick wall" limiters are very good, they can also CAUSE damage if set to heavily limit the signal to heavily... If you want to do this properly we have a whole sequence under the "Start Here" thread... the gist of which is to get everything peaking at the same time so you KNOW when the amps are clipping and you avoid this.

    The limiters are best left as OOPS protection...

    But to answer your question... as in most things audio, it depends... Every system is different, and there are too many variables to trouble shoot here... but:

    1. Make sure the input mixer is @ -0-, note here that there are 2 channels for each input, for stereo operation you MUST have one @ -0- and the other at infinity...same goes for the other channel

    2. Remember the inserts can cause level differences @ the limiter especially if your using the AGC or compressors, as can the GEQ, and xover gain, all of which is before the limiters...

    I suggest if you want to get to the REAL value, shut off EVERYTHING, THEN see if the limiter hits -0- @ -0- ...

    But your far better off using the "Start Here" thread and setting up the gain structure properly, then using the limiters as an OOPS! protection!
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