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Cant download from tone library

I have tried downloading patches on RP360XP from tone library like classic halan ! Nothing will download I have tried on laptop with windows 10 and windowsxp just weird coding comes up! Help please!!!


  • I've got the same problem. When I click the link, it is opened as a textfile. Do i have to copy the text and past it, and after that rename it to .rp360P?

  • Here's what I did to download patches from the Digitech Tone Library for my new RP360 XP. Pain in the ass, but it works.

    From Digitech's Tone Library page for RP360 XP...
    1) I clicked on the patch I wanted, it opened within browser as text (code), as you say
    2) Right clicked and "Select All"
    3) Selected "Copy"
    4) Opened up Notepad application
    5) Pasted in the previosuly copied text (code) - The Patch
    6) Created a Folder to store imported patches at C:\Users\yourname\DigiTech\NexusLibrarian\Imported Patches
    7) Back in Notepad I saved the patch file to that folder (or whatever folder you want). Name the file and MAKE SURE you save it with the following file extension...".rp360p"
    8) From Nexus Librarian software, I clicked on "Import" (top right corner).
    9) The patch imported and it shows on screen in Nexus Librarian as the active pacth.
    10) You then have to foloow standard proedures for saving a new patch ("Store New) and pick a User Preset location.

    I have found other websites with patches and was able to download those patches to my PC and then use "imprt" with the same results.

    REALLY DIsappointing that Harman has not created a simple click and Nexus LInbrarian import script for these patch files!

  • Followed directions. Did not work for me. Tried several times. I MIGHT be missing something. Where are Digitech's instructions?????

  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,104

    If you need the RP360 Tone Library presets, I've downloaded them all and have them in an archive. Email [email protected] and ask for the Tone Library archive.

  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,104

    The Tone Library is back on our website and located here:


  • KarakeKarake Posts: 1


    Where is the tone-library for RP250 ?
    I know discontinued
    but why I don`t find anything on google about *.rp250p files
    Is it possible convert tone downgrade?

  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,104

    There is this 3rd Party Utility for preset conversion for the RP units:

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