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Jamman Solo XT minimum loop length for JamSync

Hi folks, I am using JamSync with two Jamman Solo XTs. I want to make a "micro-loop" one beat long (less than one second in length) on one Solo XT, then record a loop four times as long on my other Solo XT. However, when I try this, the loopers do not remain in sync.

I suspect there may be a minimum loop length required for JamSync to work. Does anyone know if this is the case?


  • Hello. This should be doable. I have tested with two JMSxt pedals here in house and this is the process I used. I recorded my one beat loop. It was a quick quarter note, less than a second, ~85-90bpm, but a full beat, meaning that I stepped on the pedal where the next downbeat would be. This quick beat loop was recorded to the master pedal. It should be noted that after recording this, the pedal interpreted my tempo as double (~175). I was then able to record a loop that was 2 bars at the original tempo (which would be 4 bars at the pedal's perceived tempo) and had no issues with the sync. Perhaps try and recreate this scenario and perhaps you could let us know here the steps you took and where you had issues in your own testing.

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