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GNX-4 Sound Output!!!

Hi All, I have an Ibanez 25W Amp right now...Have couple of Boss BR 10 Monitor speaks too (Had Boss BR 532 earlier) which I sold to buy GNX 4...
I am not getting a warm sound out of my GNX4 in the Ibanez Amp...not able to get ROI on my GNX4 ($400/-)...what shud I do? Have Ibanez RG320 and Fender Strat with me .....but no help

1. Plug my Monitor to GNX4?
2. Buy a Line6 SPider Amp

Please advice....

I wanna sound like my HERO:

this is me:


  • Spend some time with GNX it will be well worth it.I read some where that one guys set up is that he does even use an amp anymore.He goes into the his moniters & then into the PA.He loves it to.So just bear with it for a little while
    & you should see a result in time & say your self some money if you need to.
    But hay everyone likes buying new stuff.lol

  • Do you have the output knob on the back turned up full? If you don't, try that, and you should clean up your sound...also...make sure that your GNX4 is running off a different electricity circuit. :-)
  • hi,

    when i turn the outputlevel swith turn up full i get much noise (hissing?)?
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