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The GNX3K Converts Corner

Okay - I figured those of us who've converted to the GNX3K could use a support group! LOL. Our previous MFX of choice and community doesn't always understand us... if they'd only give it a chance!

So tell us... where did you come from and how did ya get to the GNX3K?? 8)

I'll go first: \"Hello, my name is Kewlpack.\"

I have several MFX, my previous fave being the Boss GT8. It's still high on my list... but after putting the GNX3K through the paces and comparing it to many other amps and MFX, I just couldn't pretend I wasn't loving the tones I got from the GNX3K.

I love it.

Hello... my name is Kewlpack. I'm a convert! 8)

Next please... 8) 8) 8)


  • poopsypoopsy Posts: 118
    My name is poopsy and i am also a convict....oops i mean convert...I stll have a pod xtl with variax and gt-8 and tonelab se so after playing with the gnx3k i am in a bad state. I find the gnx3k more upfront and in your face as well as warm and un fizzy. I still like my other mfx but will be releasing something from my studio soon and now must decide who has to go. Next week i plan to go head to head with all my mfx and slowly cancel out 1 or 2 maybe even three of the units. My situation is dire. But i am coping well and have lots of work to do.
    On my list the gt-8 is lowman on the totempole as its just too deep to tweek on the fly and save tones. The pod xtl software is wonerful and the options are there for sure with the variax hooked up so i may keep this setup.
    The tonelab se is very simple to use with a decent pc program and very warm but i feel it lacks fullness and seems a bit bass lacking in tone- it can be very thin..

    Thank you for this support group.
  • KewlpackKewlpack Posts: 441
    hey poopster... place a vote bro! ;)
  • MumMum Posts: 25
    I guess coming from GNX2 isn't converting, right?
  • KewlpackKewlpack Posts: 441
    Hmmm - maybe a just a graduation (?) LOL... sure! Go ahead and vote. :)

  • Hi,

    I maybe converting from Boss GT-8 and Tech21 PSA-1. I have tried in order, POD 2.0, v-amp, POD XT, Tonelab, GT-6, GNX4, Boss GT-8, Tech 21 PSA before.
    I still have the gt-8 and psa-1 which I use them together. Let me tell you with the help of a ultrag-100 and H&K red box speaker sim I get very nice sounds out of the gt-8 and psa-1. But the number of cables I have is crazy. To record something, or to get in the mood, I turn on the drum machine, dbx vocal processor, psa-1, gt-8 (gt-8 goes into 2 speaker sims) and they all go into my mixer, which then goes out to my soundcrad and my studio monitors. keep in mind that everything is in stereo, so double the amount of cables :(. Add the power cables and visualize the mess.
    I bought the gnx3k yesterday, and I can say I am impressed. It IS a lot better than gnx4. As far as I remember gnx4 sounded a lot more digital especially when you are soloing. It still lacks in the clean sounds a bit compared to my current setup, but it is very easy to dial in sounds, and warp is the best feature ever. I had gnx4 before so already familiar with the x-edit, etc.
    High gain sounds are a lot better than gt-8 i think.

    Anyway after a few weeks I will tell you the final result.
  • I had used Behringer up till now, simply because I found, with tweaks, that i could get it to sound as nice as any POD. I have never been real thrilled with any amp/cab emulator when compared to a real tube amp and real effects (especially analog). I used mine basically for headphone practice and in church where space is a premium. That said, the GNX 3000 is pretty nice. Out of the bix, it sounds better than any I have tried and so far I think I will really dig this unit. I used it today in church, and with a few tweaks, it sounded nice. I have been able to come up with a pretty nice clean tone with a could twekas on the Fender Amps with various cab combo's so I think you might find some you will like with a little more playing. None, including the GNX 3000, has the dynamics of a real tube amp, but this is probably as clsoe as you can get right now. I was impressed.
  • KewlpackKewlpack Posts: 441
    As you point out - I really like the easy way you can arrive at very good tones with the GNX3K. In reference to clean tones, I actually like the GNX3K cleans because there is a sparkle and dynamic... the way I set things, if you strike the strings hard at full guitar volume, there will be a little break up... and if you roll off the volume, things warm up and the cleans don't have as much attitude.

    It's a good MFX all the way around.
  • poopsypoopsy Posts: 118
    I mean when you spend alot of time tweeking and tweeking and get used to this in other units and then go to say the gnx3k which i find has way way less tweeks sometimes i find myself thinking..\"wait...theres got to be more i can tweek?\" lol...but the thing is i get a great tone in no time..like boom boom boom...its there and i save it. Unlike the gt-8 or the pod xtlive where i tweek for literally 15 -20 minutes or more....then i still go back and re-tweek(if thats even a word)...simply because the unit seems to be mentally making me think i need to really tweek and tweek to get a good tone...i mean i admit that there are like alot more menu's and buried eq-effect-ect tweeks in the other units(like mic istance-mic choice ect ect) like the podxtl or gt-8...

    Does anyone else get the feeling when using the gnx3k compared to the pod or gt? o you sometimes catch yourself saying..wait...this is \"too\" easy and simple...i should need to tweek something else right? lol
  • KewlpackKewlpack Posts: 441
    \poopsy\ wrote:
    Does anyone else get the feeling when using the gnx3k compared to the pod or gt? o you sometimes catch yourself saying..wait...this is \"too\" easy and simple...i should need to tweek something else right? lol
    Exactly. That's what stunned me right off the bat.
  • poopsypoopsy Posts: 118
    I am suprised the gnx3k doesnt have mic placement an mic choice..as those are fun options but then again i am stunned it sounds so good WITHOUT THOSE KIND OF OUTPUT TWEEKS!!
  • Hey Kewlpack,

    In answer I've upgraded from the GNX1
  • iliaceiliace Posts: 5,567
    I must be the only moron here who upgraded from GNX3 to GNX4 to GNX3000. 8)
  • archonarchon Posts: 678
    well im even stranger!!

    i had the digitech RPX400 = then bought the V-amp Pro and ran them together - then i traded in everything i owned for the GNX3000 - and this morning i ran out and bought the Line 6 UX1 toneport!!

    so i straddle both camps - im hoping to use individual strenghs of the GNX and the toneport to come up with some interesting sounds!! im thinking of running the the GNX3k into the toneport so i get the GNX amp modelling with the Line 6 effects/mic placement etc... = should be fun anyway.

    the bass tones on the Line 6 equipment are very good! i also like the fact its sooooooooo small and USB powered - i think the GNX is my home processor and i can take the Tone Port round to my friends house for jamming - or perhaps he can run the line 6 into the GNX so we can jam together when he comes over here.........possibilities possibilities 8)
  • I just picked up the GNX3k last night and I am in tone heaven! I was fortunate that I did not have to sell or trade my POD XT Pro to get it because I do love my XT for some of the high gain amps that are not on the 3k, like the Bogner, 5150, etc. So I may not be a true convert, but I think the 3k will be my \"go to\" amp. It's great to be able to own both.

    I wanted to get a Whammy pedal and when I read Kewlpacks review from the POD forum, I started thinking that for $200 more, I could get the Whammy and so much more. Then I saw that the 3k had a Carvin Legacy. Now I'm not one of those Vai clones, but I really dig his modern tone (his tone on Live at the Astoria DVD is killer)- so that was it- decision made.

    After a few hours of playing around, I found the 3k to be so incredibly responsive and alive! This is the most realistic sounding amp sim I think I ever heard, and they have nailed the Legacy tone. I have a Keeley modded TS-9DX Flexi 4X2, and DS1, like Vai uses, and when I put these in front of the 3k playing through a Ibanez JEM, I was able to get the perfect Vai tone. I started with the V EYE preset and tweaked it from there. I tweaked the EQ some, turned down the drive and used a little drive from the pedals, and there it was. I just kick in the modded DS-1 for lead stuff. You could probably get a good tone using the built in Screamer pedal, but I paid a lot for this pedal, so I'm going to use it! What is most impressive is the way it responds to the pick attack and playing dynamics just like a real tube amp.

    For recording,I think I'm going to use the analog XLRs into my soundcard instead of the USB connection. I use Cubase SX and there's a bit of latency using the 3k's ASIO drivers and I don't like using the unit as the playback soundcard for all of the other tracks, but I'll experiment a little. I wish the 3k had all the digital ins and outs the POD XT Pro had, but I can't complain for the price and they were smart enough to supply balanced XLR outs, so the noise added will be no worse than micing an amp and is acceptable for guitar tracks.

    I hope to be able to contribute to this forum, with some useful information as I get familiar with the 3k.
  • KewlpackKewlpack Posts: 441
    It appears that the GNX3K is actually building steam as far as a user base. I agree with you guys and what you're discovering. That's precisely why I've been so vocal about it everywhere I go.

    Digitech may have a reputation with previous products being \"digital sounding\" (whatever that really means depends on the person) - but I think they are about to emerge as one of the preferred MFX with the GNX3K. If they address the few issues that have popped up here and there (and they will with firmware updates) - this MFX will be very hard to beat.

    I think once people understand what Warp really is - and how limitless it makes your preamp models... that will also draw many many users. At this point - most don't \"get it\" with Warping... perhaps the most powerful feature in the GNX3K.
  • iliaceiliace Posts: 5,567
    I'm hoping to see some new replies to the GNX5/4000 wishlist thread! That's in the General Discussion, guys.... We gotta make our voices heard.
  • archonarchon Posts: 678
    yeh! well ive been a digitech man since the start - ive had the RP100, BP50, RPX400 (fantastic piece of kit!) and the GNX3000 - and ive been banging on about the GNX3000 (and annoying everyone plenty :D ) since it was announced around january - so its way kewl to see things finnally taking off around here.

    I have only one request;

    please, please, please!! post more mp3s so mine dont stand out so much!!
    Show the world what people with talent can do with this thing!! mine are so bloody embarassing

    :D :oops:
  • iliaceiliace Posts: 5,567
    I've been posting them, but mine are kind of embarrassing too. And I haven't been posting them in the upload area (too long of a wait) - I just link to my web site on various boards and in various forums...
  • KewlpackKewlpack Posts: 441
    \iliace\ wrote:
    I've been posting them, but mine are kind of embarrassing too. And I haven't been posting them in the upload area (too long of a wait) - I just link to my web site on various boards and in various forums...

    I just posted one up in the General Music Review area... I guess it should have gone down in the GNX3K area eh??? Doh.
  • poopsypoopsy Posts: 118
    i can see on other boards that the people are getting rather upset if anyone posts about the gnx3k...some are downright jerky. This is a shame as forums are for open discussion on the mfx topis i believe.

    I still cannot get the gt-8 to sound amazing...over on the gt-8 list there is a thread about a guy who bought 2 beringer ultra direct boxes and has great success...and his clips sound pretty good..


    but it seems like alot of extra stuff to spend $ on and hook up...i mean shouldnt a modelor have speaker compensated outputs already? That seems like a guhe part of the tone...
  • I agree with Kewl that the warp is an amazing feature when you start to understand it.. There is tons of possibilities. Also looking forward to getting the SuperModedls from G3456 in Dec.
  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    OMG yes...Go to a Line 6 forum and discuss Digitech....hold on tight!! Just did sound for a guy with an XT Live...awful, no presets were closely matched in volume, spent all night varying his channel. His ego was even worse. After dealing with such an idiot, I warned him...he graced me with a few words and I said..okay...to each their own! I cut his channel after many audience complaints, and watched the crowd disappear after 25 min of shrilly feedback!! All of this through a Rogue amplifier with added distortion!! ....what a PRO!!!!!!! They stunk!!!!! Hmmm I wonder why...

    Like any other gear...its as good as the user!
  • KewlpackKewlpack Posts: 441
    Oh my... that really happened???!!! :shock:

    Well, I hope ya got paid just the same! ;)

    Any word on the MFX SuperModels BTW? 8) We're eager!
  • geobgeob Posts: 36
    Hello Guys!!!

    I just received my GNX3K and the litte add on GNXFC Recorder Foot Controller (though you don't really need as it functions same as the pedal assignments on the GNX3K itself. But nice as you do not have to switch the GNX3K in Recorder Mode, and still change presets, stomps, etc. so it is nice to have). And I love it!!!!

    I came from a V-Amp Pro w/ Midi Foot Controller. I wanted a simple all-in-one setup for practicing, recording, and maybe 1 day playing live. I was a little concerned when I read a few posts about the \"slower\" delay time between switching presets. But it is not bad, if noticable at all. Much quicker/smoother then the V-Amp Pro & Midi Foot Controller. You can then create your Presets as HyperModels and load 2 of them into 1 Preset as Channel A and Channel B and switch between them instantly (which is my next little project).

    I haven't even got through the mannual, yet. Just have been playing with the built-in preset tones, which are very good IMO, and very usable (I have new ATM40 headphones and new little Behringer MS16 active monitors (cheap!), which I have not tried yet).

    I am too busy playing with the built-it Drum patterns and recording some riffs over them for some song ideas. With a little help from this form I even created a usable bass sim. using my 6 string guitar. Can't wait to actually have my very first song done (I need to learn alot more about actually crafting one though).

    Looks like the GNX3K is perfect for my all-in-one needs.

    I can't wait for Mikes HyperModels, which I hear will be ready to ship around Dec 1st!!!!!

    Thx for everyone submitting to this forum, and thx to Kewlpack for his excellent head-to-head MFX review, which opened my eyes to looking into the GNX3K. As I was about to order the GT-8. So gald I didn't! It seems the GT-8 is more of an Effects, which has some very deep settings and tweaks. So if you are a big Effect person w/ all kinds of crazy combos and really want to tweak endless settings, that is your baby. BUT if you want excellent amp/cab tones and decent effects all in the \"right places\" without much fuss, and excellent recording and drums then by all means get the GNX3K. You will be very happy.

    Keep this forum going!!!
  • I own a GT8 and recently got the GNX3k. It's weird, some days I'll play it and love it, others I play it and like the GT8 better. Yesterday I was ready to return the 3k, but then last night I played with it for about an hour, compared it to the GT8 and I love them both. I may become a polygamist and just keep them both with an A/B switch. They both have their pluses and minuses.

    Many people complain about the GT8 being too complex, but that's what I like about it. On the 3k I find myself looking for more areas to tweak to get the sound I like, and it's just not there, like it is with the GT8. I'll probably keep both and just have my cake and eat it too!
  • poopsypoopsy Posts: 118
    i am about to sell the gt-8 as its just too deep for me......i like the gnx3k but wonder where all the tweeking is? less effects and eq means no tweeking...its so silly it makes me think its cheap or broken?...lol
  • iliaceiliace Posts: 5,567
    \poopsy\ wrote:
    I am about to sell the gt-8 as its just too deep for me......i like the gnx3k but wonder where all the tweeking is? less effects and eq means no tweeking...its so silly it makes me think its cheap or broken?...lol

    What are some of the GT-8 effect tweaks (besides effects chain order manipulation) that aren't available on the GNX? For me, the GNX effects are - fewer - but very tweakable. One thing to do is get X-Edit up and running so that you can see all the available parameters, not just the ones in the matrix.

    For example, one of my favorite examples of tweakability is the delay ducker feature on the GNX units. I don't care too much for things like Reverse Delay etc, but having an adjustable ducker threshold and attenuation settings makes this a more useable delay effect than many of the other modelers on the market have.
  • poopsypoopsy Posts: 118
    its just shocking really because i am so used to deep deep units and tweeking for a long time..

    Its also a pleasure...maybe not any really bizzare effects and massive eq like the gt-8 but its nice to get a good sound so fast. I admit i am addicted to units so parting with 1 or 2 is always hard for me cause i think\" i may use it for something someday\"..you know the mindset right? lol
  • poopsypoopsy Posts: 118
    i finally got my valvulator fuse fixed and in front of the gt-8 it really makes the unit come alive...wow..i am today really liking the tones i am making...i will post them on kewls site..
  • Here's the gear I have owned(in order): RP-1, Boss ME-50, Boss GT-3, POD 2.0, PODxt and now the GNX3000. It's funny that I'm back to Digitech again. I traded my PODxt and Shortboard for the GNX3000. I lost a few things with the XT, but overall the GNX3000 suits my needs and \"feels/sounds\" more responsive and tubelike. It's comparable to how the POD 2.0 took the next step and became the XT as the GNX3000 has now taken another step up from the XT. The only thing that is a bit lacking on the GNX3000 is the crunch/thump on the high gain amps. The XT high gain amps have a little more character IMO but they are so shrill and fizzy that they're really hard to use. The GNX3000 high gain amps sound more like a stompbox through a tube amp at low volume instead of a guitar into a blisteringly high gain tube amp. I posted the \"Enter Sandman Mix\" clip on the GNX3000 sound clip site as an example. It's not bad, but it doesn't quite have the life and character of a real highgain amp. Other than that, the GNX3000's amp models are stellar. Sure, they're not a real tube amp but as I've said before, the GNX3000 has taken the next step on the XT just as the XT took a step on the Pod 2.0.

    Lastly, let me say that I'm still a huge fan of Line6 and everything \"new\" that they release trumps the competition, IMO. I stated on the Line6 user forum that the technology for the new TonePort and PodXT live is no different than it was 4.5 years ago when the vetta came out so don't count them out. They've had 4.5 years to develop a new Vetta III and I have no doubts that it will be closer still to real tube amp sound and feel than the GNX3000. I figure, however, that Line6 won't come out with a new Pod generation for another two years at least. Two years more of the plunky/fizzy/harsh/dead amp models of the XT was too long for me. The GNX3000 has impressed me a lot!
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