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OK - do you like to use the reamping feature to find the right sound or do you figure out what you want first and record directly with that patch?

also - to reamp, do you have to use patches that are banked in the gnx, or can you use patches from your pc or cf card?

ive never started a poll before so what the hell, here goes.



  • AlbertAAlbertA Posts: 721
    Both!! he he, I find a patch I would like to use, but just to be sure I record the dry version as well (this applies when using Pro-Tracks/Sonar) just in case. If I make the patch I liked originally better, then no need to replay again! Just reamp the dry tracks...wala!!
  • iliaceiliace Posts: 5,567
    Exactly as AA said - both. I record a dry track alongside everything (even bass parts), and then decide whether I want to mix it to add dynamics to a compressed part, reamp it and replace the wet part, or reamp it and put two different sounds in L/R (or layer them ad infinitum/ad nauseum).
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