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X-Edit and Firmware Updates

Hiya All,

I have a quick question regarding X-Edit 1.3 and the Firmware Updates. I have not installed any software or drivers yet, but I was wondering if I should install the software off of the disc and then update or just install X-Edit 1.3? Is X-Edit 1.3 a patch or a full install of the software?

Also, I have seen reference to a Firmware update. Is that a firmware update to the GNX4 unit itself?

Thanks for your help.



  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    yes Xedit 1.3 is a full program, and fixes the errors from the Exp pedal especially.

    Yes V1.3 fimware fixes many issues. One not mentioned in the readme is the fix for spread delay. In certain case errors, it changed the feedback parameters inversely after you revisit the patch from another.
  • Okay good, so I can just install 1.3 and not worry about any previous software versions that came with my GNX4.

    Thanks for your help.

  • I'm looking to update my RP500 Firmware to 2.0. Any input?

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