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cant find files

Gday world good tobe here finally from a land down under!!!I,ve got a few issues I,d Like to resolve!My first one is Ive recorded tracks in gnx4 & did the transfer to my pc which is running windows xp unfortuanatly!I cant find the files ,it keeps teling me that files are on another computer,varify if corrct
if problem pesist the server might not be available)no2how do get rid that beep beep beep beep that comes out of my amp when i connect through usb
to the pc cheers!!KEEP picken kEEP grinnan!!!!javascript:emoticon(':roll:')
Rolling Eyes


  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    Hi, Welcome..

    Did you record to CF card? If you recorded just to Protracks, the files for your recordings are saved in the \"Protracks plus sample content\" folder under the \"Protracks Projects\" folder.

    Each track is saved individually for undo redo operation.
  • thehootmanthehootman Posts: 1,030
    G'day my fellow Australian! Welcome!
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