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Two New Metal Patches

I've linked two new metal patches that were created as a request from one of you guys here...check 'em out and tell me what you think.



Since last November I've been posting patches and haven't really got much feedback on them and I'm curious. As a result i've created a poll


  • phye2002phye2002 Posts: 5
    you might want to post the sounds of the patches before asking people to test them out.
  • tantrum2ktantrum2k Posts: 289
    they're all in the patch area brother.
  • Zepp3linZepp3lin Posts: 126
    Yeah but wheres the mp3? Normally i would wanna hear the mp3 1st than can decide to download those patches
  • tantrum2ktantrum2k Posts: 289
    I think i mentioned it somewhere around this community the that recording feature and protracks with the 3k were useless...it never worked for me. So as a result i can't record much less post an mp3. Try downloading them anyway... it think you'll be pleasantly surprised and if you're not than don't save them to your 3k.
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