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Help loading Patches

OK, feeling like a bit of an idiot here...
I just got my GNX4 2 days ago so I'm still playing with the thing to figure it all out. I downloaded a couple of patches, put then on my CF card via my computer's card reader, and put the card back in the GNX4. So how do I get access to these patches? I've read through the manual but I've not found instructions for this yet. Any help for a newbie?


  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    did you format the CF card in the GNX4 first ? If so you should have several folders on the CF card. Songs, MP3,s Midi, and Presets. Be sure the CARD LED by the dial wheel is lit. If those are all correct you then select from PRESET MODE (Green) like other user presets. You can also rotate the dial wheel and advance through the presets (user, fact, mem card).
  • partchpartch Posts: 1,764
    Use X-Edit to open & Save Patches to the Card or User Locations.
  • Hey, thanks for the replys. I have the presets loaded in the \"Presets\" folder on the card, but when I rotate through the data wheel in the \"card\" section (yellow light) it shows me the 80 factory presets. The same is true for the user LED on the data wheel. Very weird... I'd have thought the user LED would be empty (I'v not created any of my own presets yet) and the data wheel should show me the 5 or 6 presets I downloaded or nothing at all. I have to admit I'm stumped...

  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    When you format a CF Card, it copies the factory presets to the CF memory. You can overwrite the presets on the CF like any user preset location.

    You can verify by altering a preset parameter then observing the \"STORE\" button light activating which means you CAN overwrite that preset.
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