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Trigger GNX4's recorder via MIDI

Hi all,
I wonder if anyone knows how to trigger GNX4's recorder via MIDI.
I think it would be really useful.




  • gtausgtaus Posts: 2,680
    I looked on pages 112-113 for any midi code that operates the GNX4 OBR and could not find anything. What are you trying to do that would require a midi command to start the recorder? Perhaps if we knew what you had in mind, there may be some other way of accomplishing the task. Until then, you can always just step on the record footswitch. Take care.
  • Hi gtaus,
    I looked also at the manual first, but I found no MIDI command for that.
    I would like to create an application to manage the GNX4 recorder from a PC. When I'm home my GNX4 is on the table, and I don't like using the recorder pedal.


  • gtausgtaus Posts: 2,680
    It sounds like a great idea. I would mention that even if you have the GNX4 on a countertop, you could still run the external GNXFC down to the floor and use that to start/stop the OBR. Also, if using the GNX4 on the countertop, you could use a software program such as PTP for recording. That would put the start and stop buttons on your computer keyboard. But if you can figure out a way to control the OBR via midi, that would be a great idea. Take care.
  • I asked Digitech's Technical support and they told me the onboard recorder can't be used via MIDI. Therefore .... :cry:
  • gtausgtaus Posts: 2,680
    Well, you can still use software recording programs with the GNX4. Several of us have been successfully using PTP that came bundled with the GNX4. There are other great software packages with more features available. You might want to check them out. As far as the GNX4 OBR, I use it mainly for a quick way to record tracks without having the bother of using my computer. However, when I get serious about recording a new song, I usually do all the work on the computer. So controlling the GNX4 OBR via midi has never been a 'big' issue for me. Even PTP offers many more features than the GNX4 OBR can provide. The great thing, for me, is that you have lots of options using either the GNX4 OBR or a computer, or both if want.

    Best wishes.
  • tucopeattucopeat Posts: 139
    I'm with Gtaus on this...the OBR in the GNX is great but I find that i only use it as a scratchpad for new ideas and noodling around. when I get around to laying down some serious tracks I will be using my new stand alone recorder, A tascam \"Portastud\" DP02-cf. I picked mine up at MF a few weeks ago for $ 269.00, what a steal! this thing is set up just like an old time multitrack cassette from back in the day. So easy to use that i had tracks laid down on the machine without ever opening the manual. i can't say that about the GNX. Don't get me wrong i have since read the manual cover to cover( at least the languages i could understand), and I recommend reading all manuals for any gear you buy short of cables. I just wish that when foriegn companies write these manuals that they would hire an indivual who spoke the language that the manual was written in. Japanese doesn't tanslate literally to english or vice versa.
    As far as midi on the GNX goes, if I'm not mistaken, the gnx will recive midi but it does not transmit midi, so options are limited.
  • gtausgtaus Posts: 2,680
    \tucopeat\ wrote:
    ...As far as midi on the GNX goes, if I'm not mistaken, the gnx will recive midi but it does not transmit midi, so options are limited.

    The GNX4 can indeed transmit midi data. You just have to save a midi file as a type O midi file to the CF card and select that midi file for playback. It will not only trigger the GNX4 midi drums on Channel 10, but it will also send all midi data out thru the midi out channel. So, in my case, I can download a midi file from the internet, convert it to type 0 midi data file, save it to the CF card, and select it to play. That way it will trigger my external Yamaha keyboard to play the full midi file with all the instruments recorded in the data file. Also, you have put midi data in the file that will automatically change your guitar presets exactly when you want them triggered. So, you could be playing rhythm guitar along with the midi file and when the solo comes up, the midi file could automatically change the guitar preset for your solo, and then back again after the solo, without you ever having to step on a single footswitch. All this data can be saved on a midi file on the CF card and you will not have to lug around a computer/laptop. The best thing about the midi files on the CF card of the GNX4 is that you can change the tempo without any loss of sound quality. I slow down the tempo when I am learning new songs and work my way up to tempo as I get better. You can change midi file tempo in the same way you can dial in various tempos for the drum patterns. It's easy. Best wishes.
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