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\"Infinite Guitar\" - Sustained Note Patch

Has anyone figured out a patch that would do the sustained notes on U2's With or Without You? I have Supermodel's WOWY which is great for the rhythm part but trying to figure out how to do the single note fills.

Jump to 02:00 -

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Or maybe I should formally submit a request to the SM site?

Thanks! 8)


  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    he used an actual sustainer built in the guitar but here's some ideas to attempt:

    Assigns will do this better since you may want to back out of the effect.

    Set you amp as usual but go to assigns and assign these:

    You can attempt with Control assign for fixed level changes or use-

    EXP assign-1
    compressor - set the amt relative to the sound differences within the pedal range

    EXP assign 2-

    Delay feedback- set the feedback from a low condition to near infinite but for this instance be sure to set the delay Time rather low 10 ms. The trick now is finding the assign of the feedback that corresponds with the gain of both the attack of your picking and the potential gain and controlled feedback from your amp source.

    If needed-

    Also determine the gate's attack and sensitivity amt's. Not so much since the active compressor and increased delay feedback should maintain the level of the sound without too much decay. As it decays, you will hear the gate clamp the signal. The key here is you can assign the expression pedal variants within your own limits.

    It's not exactly the same as a sustainer, but one of the better ways you can get closer to that type of synth overlay to emulate.
  • SgtMiyagiSgtMiyagi Posts: 56
    Thanks for the tips! First time I've actually used assigns.

    I started using your WOWY preset and did those things. I added the Screamer and I'm getting a longer sustain. I'm going to play it with some more tomorrow--can't use my amps tonight.

    Thanks again!
  • guitar3456guitar3456 Posts: 3,494
    Control/ EXP assigns will soon become your friend! :wink:

    There is so much that can be done with the GNX4 and the power of those assigns is the centerpoint of what makes this unit so flexible.

    Experiment with those assigns. Both control and expression. Control assigns will provide 3 variations of efx, gains, levels etc. You have 3 control assign options of 3 variations each. Using Stompbox mode, there is nearly 27 variables you can assign in ONE preset. I look at those Control Assignments as I do the Edge looking down at his Midi Footswitch that changes his amps, changes his efx, and enabling devices in those chains. That is basically what the Control Assigns in Stompbox mode can offer any user on the GNX4.
  • gitarrerogitarrero Posts: 30

    if you get this sound with the gnx4, please give me your preset! :wink:

    otherwise, if you want to get this sound nearly, you should use an e-bow. surely you should get some samples on youtube.

  • SgtMiyagiSgtMiyagi Posts: 56
    Thanks for the Ebow tip and I just checked out YouTube--that's a pretty cool tool!

    I'm not getting that effect that I need. Delayed but not sustained and extended enough after playing around with the settings. Even with the amp settings off the Super Model presets, I'm probably missing something.

    I just might get an Ebow. Doing some research on it now and so far, 5-stars at Guitar Center's website. $82.25 at Amazon.com . . . hmmmmm.
  • gitarrerogitarrero Posts: 30
    we play with the e-bow, too. it´s really good. and the price ate amazon is really ok! it´s much more expensive here in germany.
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