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Tal's \"Misty\" Chord solo..

Real short one...About 2 minutes..
Just me solo guitar doing my version of the old standard \"Misty\"..

If you look in the background you'll see my new acoustic Image Corus amp..



  • partchpartch Posts: 1,764
    Liked that Tal! Nice playin as always! So how do you like your new Amp? never heard of those before? Take care. I'm realy digging my Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 8)
  • tucopeattucopeat Posts: 139
    Once again Tal, you blow me away....I wish I had your chops. Watching and hearing you play makes me feel like a bit of a hack :roll:

    i bet that new amp is sweet, do you play the jazz boxes through it? I love my crate 125 ac amp, had it for years, my Gnx4 works quite well when paired up with the crate. That Image chorus is a few steps beyond though... :D
  • Tal RulesTal Rules Posts: 1,215
    Thanks guys for taking a listen...
    Really appreciate it..

    Acoustic Image makes some of the best jazz amps in the world..
    I wanted the Corus model for a long time, but didn't want to fork over the $1400 Smackers for it...

    They put a new model of the Corus, and Acoustic Image dropped the price on the older model to $1189. Then I found a dealer on the net, who let me have mine, the older model for $1000, and I jumped on it...

    The whole rig is 400 watts into 4 ohms, and weighs about 25 lbs...
    About the size of Roland cube 30..
    But unlike the Roland this is the ultimate clean machine..LOve it..

    More info here..


    The Youtube vid really doesn't do it justice. The cheap mic in Web Cam just can't handle the bass very well. But in real life, with my L5 plugged into it the tone is pretty much jaw dropping..

    Thanks for taking a listen..Appreciate it.. 8)
  • NiftyNifty Posts: 74
    Hi Tal

    I loved that.

    To me the sign of a great guitar player is how effortless they make it look, and that looked and sounded fantastic to me.
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