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New Gig Pics!

Hey Guys,

My good friend Tom and I have an acoustic duo and have been gigging together off and on for 15 years. We have really gotten back in the swing of things as of late. these pics are from our show last friday night at the Firkin & Fox. the show went over so well they have us booked for a regular friday night show from 7-10 before the DJ and the dancing. the guy in the Tam O Shanter is my partner Tom and the other guys are good friends and former Dharma Bandmates who sat in for a few tunes. It sure was a blast!


This is me


My good bud and former bandmate Fred


Tom and John singing harmonies


Fred and I



Dharma reunion !!!


That's right...this shirt goes up to 11!!!


Devine & Williams appearing every Friday at the Firkin & Fox!



  • partchpartch Posts: 1,764
    Glad things went well for you all! Always cool to put a face with a name! 8) Thanks for sharing peat!
  • RawbRawb Posts: 1,459
    Hey peat! Looks like a pretty cool outdoor patio type of gig! Was that portable wall there cuz of weather?

    Hope it gets to the point that the crowd leaves when you do... :lol: Leaving no-one for the DJ :!:

    Wtg tucopeat!

    Thanks for the pics....

    But where are the ones of the inebriated chicks shamelessly flailing their bodies around on the dance floor :?: :shock:
  • tucopeattucopeat Posts: 139
    Hey Rawb,

    Yeah the gig is outside on a huge patio (apprx 1000sq ft), and the whole thing has these roll down plastic walls. They are a necessity here in Florida, you never know when it's gonna rain.

    They have given us a weekly gig there, and i don't wish any ill will to the DJ but I hope the crowd leaves when we do too ( they did last week) :D

    My wife took all the pics so....(we don't really attract that type of clientele ) :cry:

    thanks for looking and I'll post some more pics soon, we are playing again tomorrow night! 8)
  • NiftyNifty Posts: 74
    Way to go Peat!

    Break a leg...as they say tomorrow.....or today.....depending on the time differences! :)

    You get the idea!

  • 0Dannyboy0Dannyboy Posts: 1,083
    Looks like youguys are having a great time. Congrats on the new gigs and thanks for posting the cool pics.

    Peaceout D.
  • tucopeattucopeat Posts: 139
    Thanks ODB, I appreciate the kind words. Unfortunately, I no longer have that gig, but may possibly get back in there when season rolls around and the tourists show up again. Times are tough all around, so lets all hope things turn around for the better. The bars and clubs are having a tough time getting folks in the door just like most other businesses in our area, so not a lot of gigs to be had here at the moment. Things should pick up in a month or two.
    Glad to hear your news about your gig, you get to keep it and move to a better night... better for you all around, and easier to get folks out on a friday than the middle of the week anyhow.
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